Daily Worshipped Deities

Sri Bhuvaraha

Sri Madhvacharya blessed this Bhuvaraha icon to Sri Vishnu-tirtha, founder pontiff of Sri Sode Vadiraja Matha. The Bhuvaraha icon is unique styled one where Lord Bhuvaraha rests on the hood of a lordly serpent with Bhudevi (form of goddess Lakshmi) sitting on the left thigh of the Lord. The Lord appears to be pleased and eager to grant merciful bliss to his consort. It is worshipped as the presiding and favourite deity of Parampara.

Sri Hayagriva

When a goldsmith tended to cast the metal into a mould to make the icon of Vighnesha, it casually turned into an icon of Hayagriva. He tried again and again but failed. He placed that icon at the corner as if unwanted. Then, the supreme Lord of Hayagriva form used to present in that voluntarily. It was nothing but an Archavatara of Hayagriva form. Then the Lord appeared in the dream of Vadiraja and asked him to take the icon for daily worship. He assured that he was doing Archavatara as promised. The Lord also instructed the goldsmith in dream to offer that icon to the saint. Next day, Sri Vadiraja came to the abode of goldsmith and saw that Hayagriva icon which was dazzling with gracious and holy presence of the Lord. He took the icon and kept on the Peetha with Bhuvaraha and worshipped with glorious adoration. This is also presiding deity of Parampara.

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha

On pilgrimage, once Sri Vadiraja, with followers, was roaming about in Kurukshetra land. He went to Bhimakunda (a pond), took out the club used by Bhimasena and showed to others. He also took Sri Lakshmi Narasimha icon duly worshipped by Bhimasena. Since then, that icon is being worshipped in the Parampara peetha by the pontiffs of Sri Sode Vadirajamatha.

Sri Vitthala

Once, Sri Vadiraja had been to Gautama cave. It was the holy spot of penance of sage Gautama. He saw an icon of Vitthala originally adored by four faced Brahma. Brahma blessed that icon to sage Gautama performing the rigorous penance. Sage Gautama worshipped it to his full content and kept in that cave. Sri Vadiraja collected that icon and used to worship in the Paramparapeetha.

Kadugolu Sri Krishna

Sri Madhvacharya blessed different icons to number of disciples consisting of pontiffs and householders. An icon of Krishna holding churning rod and rope in hands and worshipped by Madhva, was given to Sri Vadiraja Matha at the time of Vrinda-vanacharya (1774-1865) by the descendents of householder concerned. Since then, it is being worshipped in Paramparapeetha.

Garudavahana Sri Lakshmi Narayana

It is also worshipped by Sri Madhvacharya. Lord Narayana with his consort goddess Lakshmi is sitting on his vehicle god Garuda. It is worshipped daily with the Balamuri conch.

Sri Rama & Sri Vitthala

Once, Vali and Sugriva did penance and propitiated god Brahma. Pleased with the penance, Brahma blessed the icons of Sri Rama and Sri Vitthala. Both Vali and Sugriva worshipped those icons with special adoration. At the end of Tretayuga, icons were kept underground with abundant treasure. In this age (Yuga),Sri Vadiraja, with his intuitive knowledge was knowing all that. Around 1527 A.D, when Vijayanagara dynasty was facing financial crisis,Sri Vadiraja went to Vijayanagara and unearthed the abundant treasure and gave to Krishnadevaraya and Achyutadevaraya. He took those two icons of Rama and Vitthala and worshipped daily.

The icon of Rama seems to be made of silver with Sudar-shana on crest and feet.
Sri Vitthala

Lord Srinivasa with Sridevi and Bhudevi

Once,Sri Vadiraja wished to have the Darshana of Lord Venkateshwara. When he came to Tirupati, he saw the rocks of steps appearing as Saligrama and felt uneasy to tread on them. So, he climbed the hill on his knees singing the glory of the Lord.Sri Vadiraja worshipped that Presiding deity to his entire satisfaction and offered him a garland of one hundred eight Saligramas. That Saligrama garland adorns the Lord even today. The Lord, being very much pleased, blessed Sri Vadiraja his icon with Sri and Bhu. The gracious presence of Lord Srinivasa with Sri and Bhu in those icons is complete. Since then, those icons have been being worshipped in Paramparapeetha of Sri Sode Vadiraja Matha.

Pacche Vitthala

Once,Sri Vadiraja was moving across Mudabidare. The king of that region invited him with pure devotion to the Jaina temple. Seeing the faith and regard of the king, Sri Vadiraja accepted the invitation. He, while entering the temple, was deeply meditating on the Vitthala form of Lord. By virtue of that, the Suddha Jina icon got altered into Vitthala form. Sri Vadiraja took that icon of emerald and used to worship daily. It is worshipped in the Paramparapetha even this day.

Sri Hayagriva

Sri Vishnutirtha, brother of Sri Madhvacharya, was having an icon of Hayagriva for special adoration. When Sri Vadiraja went to Harishchandra mountain and met Sri Vishnutirtha in person he was given that Hayagriva icon as witness of their meeting. Since then, that Pratima is being worshipped in the Paramparapeetha daily.

Sri Vyasamushti

When Sri Madhvacharya visited Urdhvabadari, he was given eight Vyasamushtis. Sri Madhvacharya kept one Vyasamushti Saligrama in Madhyavatamatha and worshipped. The saint pontiffs of eight Mathas used to worship that Vyasamushti at their convenience. When that Vyasamusthi was brought back and kept in Madhyavatamatha by Sri Vadiraja then that Matha became under the possession of Sode Vadirajamatha. It was Vrindavanacharya who, at the hinted instruction in Vrindavanakhyana, kept that in between Hayagriva and Bhuvaraha icons in Paramparapeetha and worshipped as instructed. He then brought that Saligrama to Krishnasannidhi and performed Samanadhikaranapuja. The Vyasamushti is accorded with special adoration at the time of daily worship.

Paryaya Sri Krishna

Sri Vadiraja granted the performance of fifth Paryaya to his disciple Sri Vedavedyatirtha and came to Sode. There, at the holy Sannidhana of Venugopala Krishna, he did his Paryaya similar to that of Krishnaparyaya at Udupi. For special offerings and adoration, Sri Vadiraja used to have small icon of Lord Krishna. After Paryaya, that icon is being worshipped daily by the pontiffs of Sri Sode Vadiraja Matha in Paramparapeetha.


When Sri Vadiraja went to the holy centre of Srimushna, he worshipped Lord Varaha with due adoration and devotion. As a result, Lord Varaha, being immensely pleased, favoured Sri Vadiraja with gracious blessing by appearing in the small form of icon. And that icon of Varaha is worshipped in the Sode Matha with special adoration.

Saligrama Samputa

On pilgrimage, Sri Vadiraja went to Nepal and reached the origin place of river Gandaki namely Damodarakunda. When he took holy dip there, the Lord, being present in Saligramas got adhered to the body of Vadiraja. This happened three times. Saligramas of small seed size (Gulaganji) were collected and kept in Samputa. Since then, that Samputa is being worshipped in Sode Matha daily.

Sri Vishvambhara Saligrama

It was found in the Goutama cave. Sri Vadiraja brought it along with Vittala icon and keeping it on the Samsthanapeetha, worshipped daily.

Hayagriva Saligrama

Once in one cave, Sri Vadiraja saw a Saligrama glowing with unique radiance. It was Hayagriva Saligrama with distinct face mark. He took it and worshipped to his full satisfaction. That Saligrama is worshipped even today at Sode Paramparapeetha.

Sri Mukhyaprana and Sri Vadirajaru

The icons of Sri Mukhyaprana and Sri Vadirajaru are worshipp-ed keeping in single plate. The icon of Vadiraja was prepared by Sri Vadiraja himself and it was given to his mother at the time of setting out for pilgrimage. It virtually avoided the feeling of separation of Vadiraja in physical absence. Since Sri Vadiraja is Latavya Ruju god, he is worshipped with Mukhyaprana. This mode of worship signifies the aspect of Samatva. The pose of icon ascertains the fact that like Mukhyaprana, Sri Vadiraja is also prime support to the world of Garuda,Shesha etc.

Suvarnapaduka of SriVadirajaru

The two golden sandals (Suvarnapaduka) of Vadiraja are also worshipped with due adoration. These sandals originally belonged to divine world (heaven). God Indra and other gods worshipped them with regard and reverence as those symbolize as moving stock samples or replica of Vadiraja's gracious presence. Those golden sandals have been blessed to this mundane world by divinity for the welfare of mankind. After Vrindavanapravesha, Sri Vadiraja appeared in the godly plane with same form and out of compassion, blessed the sandals of his holy presence to disciples. These golden sandals are worshipped daily along with the icons of Mukhyaprana and Sri Vadiraja with glorious adoration.

Sri Bhutarajaru (Padmapeetha)

SriBhutaraja is qualified godly soul to occupy the seat of god Shiva in the next Kalpa. He is endowed with super occult power. Bhutaraja, being blessed by Sri Vadiraja and present in many places, is protecting the mass of devotees. In Sode and other places, he is rendering devoted service at the feet of Hari-Vayu-Vadirajaru. He is the guardian of the lineage of Sri Sode Vadirajamatha. The Padmapeetha,seen in the Sodematha brims with the holy prasence of SriBhutaraja in complete. It is worshipped with special offering and adoration.

In the same way, the small Saligrama of Dadhivamana form of Lord is also worshipped with due adoration.

Akshayapatre & Mudreyungura

The vessel and seal ring are given by Sri Madhvacharya to his qualified and devoted brother Sri Vishnutirthacharya. On seal ring, we find the name (letters) 'Srikrishnasri' inscribed. The Akshaya vessel is worshipped daily at the commencement of Samsthanapooja.

Mantrakshate Tatte

This plate is blessed by Sri Madhvacharya to his lovely brother Sri Vishnutirthacharya. There lies the greatness of sanctity signifying the high worth holy touch of all saint pontiffs of this lineage of repute.