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Sode Vadiraja Matha, Car Street, Udupi

This Matha exists in the south east direction of carstreet. It was constructed at the time of Sri Vadiraja. It consists of Pooja mandira, kitchen, office, wells, quadrangle, rooms etc. Around Pooja Mandira, there is corridor. Wood work is unique and more appealing. We also find the sacred shrine of Nagadevaru and Bhutarajaru. It has been renovated by Vishwottamatirtha. Other than daily worship, special adoration is offered on Sankramana day of every month and on other occasions. The process of automation is introduced in office for dealings and transactions. The present pontiff Sri Vishwavallabhatirtha took up the renovation and construction work on a large scale and completed succe-ssfully.

Vadiraja Matha, Sode, Sirsi Tq, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka.

Basically, this Matha was constructed by Sri Vadiraja. Later on, it has been renovated and improved with new construction. At the entrance of Sode, a lake known as Hayagriva Samudra is seen. It is the spot where thousands of horses disappeared after defeating the enemy army of Arasappa Nayaka. The Matha is in three stages. In upper stage, there is Trivikrama temple. The Trivikrama temple consists of inner shrine, chariot, corridor with the stone Mantapa. In inner shrine, the idol of Trivikrama, brought by Bhutaraja from Urdhvabadari is found installed by Sri Vadiraja. In chariot portion, the statue of goddess Lakshmi is seen. The chariot has stone wheels. On the pillars of Mantapa, figures of many deities are beautifully carved. In the corridor, there is a well known as Akashaganga. Infront of the temple, there is a tall stone pillar, graced with the image of Vadirajaru seated on swan (Hamsarudha). This stone pillar is a stock sample and symbol proclaiming the unique greatness of Lord Trivikrama and Guru Vadirajaru. In north east direction, there is a holy and powerful presence of Sri Bhutaraja, known as Kshetrapalaka. Other than daily worship in the evening, special adoration is done on Phalguna month Shukla Chaturdashi every year. In the north west, historical stone inscription detailing the gifts donated by Arasappanayaka is seen. Carstreet for festivals, room accommodation in Trivikrama dhama and Rajadhama are also found in upper stage.

Parking and ATM facility are also available to devotees. In the middle, there is office wing, open Sabhamandira, Poojamandira, rooms, kitchen, wells, dining hall etc. The names of two wells are Antaraganga and Sheetalaganga. At lower stage, there is holy pond namely Dhavalatirtha. Around this, small temples of Chandra-mouleshwara, Veenapani Hanuman, Veeranjaneya, Venu-gopala Krishna and Santanagopala Krishna are situated. Back to Veeranjaneya temple, there are 'Yagashala' and 'Goshala' with required facilities. East to the holy pond, there is a big shrine. Inside the shrine, there are Pancha-Vrindavanas of Sri Vadiraja. On the top of middle Vrindavana, the image of Lord Hayagriva exists. Below that there is the figure of Sri Vadirajaru. In the south, there lies the image of Veenapani Hanuman. In the west, there dwells the figure of Gadapani Bheema. In the north, the image of Sri Madhva shines. In the case of other four Vrindavanas, the Dashavatara figures are well carved. The five Vrindavanas signify the holy presence of five forms of god Vayu and Sri Vadirajaru namely Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana and Samana. It hints at the fact of equality and parity between the god Vayu and Sri Vadiraja. Infront of Panchavrindavana, the statue of Vedavyasa is found. The pose of statue of Lord Vedavyasa is distinct and peculiar. In both the palms of right and left hands, there are characteristic marks of Chakra and Shankha. Right side, there is the holy Vrindavana of Sri Vedavedyatirtha. Besides that, the stone inscription of Anuvrindavanakhyana is seen. It is the summarised work of Vrindavanakhyana. It was compiled, got inscribed and installed by Sri Vedanidhitirtha. Around the construction there is a corridor for doing Pradakshina (circumambulation). The small shrine of Bhutaraja is found at the right side of corridor. In the east, there is Akhyanamand-ira. The entire sacred text Vrindavanakhyana is sto-ne inscribed in it. It was the unique and instructed Seva rendered by Sri Vishwottamatirtha. Right of it, there is a small pond called Papavimochana-tirtha. Further in the east, the presence of ten holy tombs of seers is seen. There are five Moola Vrindavanas and five Mrittika Vrindavanas.

Moola vrindavanas

  • Sri Vedanidhitirtha
  • Sri Vishwadhirajatirtha
  • Sri Vadivandyatirtha
  • Sri Varahatirtha
  • Sri Vishwottamatirtha

Mrittika vrindavanas

  • Sri Vishweshatirtha
  • Sri Vrindavanacharya (Sri Vishwapriyatirtha)
  • Sri Vishwadhishatirtha
  • Sri Raghupraveeratirtha (a pontiff in the lineage of Bhimanakatte Matha)
  • Sri Vishwendratirtha

The Panchavrindavana and the Dhavalatirtha are the holiest centres having the gracious presence of infinite forms of Supreme Lord identical with Hayagriva, Dhanvantri and Trivikrama forms and all other presiding deities.

The construction and renovation work was taken up in latter part of 20th and in the first decade of 21st Century. Daily hundreds of people come to this holy spot to do the Seva and get blessed. On special occasions, thousands of devotees gather and take active part in festival programs. Annual car festival of Lord Trivikrama and Aradhana of Sri Vadirajaru are organized on grand scale and celebrated with pomp and prosperity.

Vadiraja Matha, Panjimaru. Shirva Village, Udupi TQ.

This Matha is situated 2kms away from main road. It was constructed at the time of Vrindavanacharya. Here also, the woodwork is artistic and appealing. Inside there is Pooja mandira, kitchen, corridor etc. There is a well and also a small pond namely Varahatirtha. It is an agreeable spot for special studies and medtiation with tranquillity. Because of this distinctness, Sri Vishwottamatirtha Swamiji used to stay there for more time to persue major Shastric works and undertake deep deliberation.

Vadiraja Matha, Udyavara, Udupi TQ.

It is located at Udyavara 4kms away from Udupi. It was also constructed at the time of Vrindavanacharya. The renovation was completed by Vishwottamatirtha. At the back, there flows the river Papanashini. We find the original Vrindavana of Vishwendratirtha. There is a small pond at the entrance.

Vadiraja Matha, Narala. Ganjimatha post, Mangalore TQ.

It was established prior to Sri Vadiraja and later on it was developed. This Matha is on hollow land. The Matha consists of inner shrine, corridor, kitchen etc. At the corner of corridor, the holy presence of Sri Bhutarajaru is seen. The holy Sannidhana of Sri Bhutaraja attracts thousands of devotees for special adoration. Sri Bhutarajaru is seen seated on horse (Ashwarudha). The cradle therein appears to swing always gently. Outside that there is original Vrindavana of Ratnagarbhatirtharu. On elevated spot, there is a small pond namely 'Varahatirtha'. The unique Mahima of Lord Varaha can be experienced as the shade image is seen as reflected in that pond. In the year 2007, Vishwottamatirtha Swamiji renovated this Matha. This spot is in the area with beauty of nature. This is well known as more powerful spot of supernatural appearance.

Vadiraja Matha, Undaru, Udupi TQ.

It came into being at the time of Sri Vadiraja. It is by the side of Vishnumurthy temple. This temple depicts historical significance. In the past, a pious and devoted bachelor consecrated Naivedya and made the Lord to consume it visibly and completely. Therefore, it is well known as Undaru (Unda uru). Sri Madhva and Sri Vadiraja worshiped Vishnumurthy Lord to his satisfaction. Sri Vrindavanacharya made timely arrangement for daily worship and festivals. Now, it is under the control of Sri Vadirajamatha. Annual car festival takes place on grand scale. At the entrance of Matha, there is a big platform. Inside we find Poojamandira, corridor, rooms, kitchen, well etc. There is a swing having the presence of Bhutarajaru and this swing happens to move invisibly. But, one can see the touching mark on wall as wonder. Nearby, there is small pond namely 'Vishnupushkarani'. Besides, there are two original Vrindavanas of Vishwanidhitirtha and Vish-wadhishwaratirtha seers of Sri Sode Vadirajamatha. Vishwottamatirtha Swamiji did take up the renovation work and completed.

VadirajaMatha, Kumbhasi. Kundapur Tq, Udupi District

It happens to be the spot of Moolamatha. Prior to Sri Vadiraja, the Parampara was known as Kumbhasi Matha. It has been well renovated by Vishwo-ttamatirtha Swamiji. Inside there are small shrine, corri-dor, holy presence of Bhuta-rajaru, rooms, well, kitchen etc. Here also, there are Moola Vrindavanas of Vara-darajatirtharu-I and Vidya-nidhitirtharu. Outside, there is an isolated Vrindavana of Vidyanidhitirtha who used to teach Sri Vadiraja at the beginning.

VadirajaMatha, Huvinakere, Kundapur Tq, Udupi District

It is popularly known as birth place of Vadirajatirtha. The place is vast and is graced with nature beauty. In the inner shrine, there are several icons worshipped by the ancestors of Sri Vadiraja. Sri Channakeshava happens to be an adoring deity of that spot. There is small shrine of Bhutarajaru. Around this there are office, rooms, well, kitchen, open hall etc. Right to the main building, there is small pond seen renovated (Huvinakere). The birth spot of Sri Vadiraja is known as Gourigadde. The crop rice produced here,is offered on the day of Aradhana of Sri Vadirajaru at Sode every year. Recently, Vishwotamatirtha Swamiji has installed the statute of Sri Vadiraja here. Nearby, there are distinct spots of marks that recall and recollect the adventurous deeds of Sri Vadiraja's childhood. Sri Vishwottamatirtha seer started a big Goshala with all required facilities. Hundreds of aged cows are given shelter, food etc. and thus protected well.

Vadiraja Matha, Renjal, Karkal TQ.

Originally, it belonged to the parents of Sri Vadiraja's mother. It is in the heart of lovely and elegant spot of nature. Recently, Matha has been renovated. In Poojamandira, there are many icons for worship. Behind this, there is thin stream flowing. The beautiful scene around the Matha, makes everyone getting engrossed in supra-mundane experience.

VadirajaMatha, Kenchagaru, Honnavara TQ.

This Matha is located in the village, Kenchagaru in Honnavara Tq. There is Moola Vrindavana of Vishwesha-tirtha Swamiji and also the presence of Bhutarajaru. Recently, the Matha is renovated. The surrounding place appears to be a good sample of penance groove.

The view of matha and Vyasapushkarani Nadyantadi

Sode Vadiraja Matha, Nadyantadi. Irvatturu Village, Bantwal TQ.

Originally, the Matha was established at the time of Sri Madhvacharya. Daily afternoon Sri Madhva used to worship Vyasamushti saligrama – a precious stone having full Sannidhana of supreme. Then, at the time of Sri Vadiraja, it came under the control and supervision of Sri Vadiraja Matha. Vrindavanacharya of 19th century of this Para-mpara worshipped Lord Vedavyasa to his full satisfaction and then carri-ed the same to Krishna-sannidhi of Udupi. The historical renovation has been done by Vish-wottamatirtharu. Here also there is a swing having holy presence of Bhutarajaru. In the corridor of Pooja mandira, there is small shrine of Hanuman installed by Sri Vadiraja. In front of the Matha, there is a pond known as 'Vyasapushkarani'. Since, it was a chosen field of unique austerity of Vrindavanacharya, there is a small Vrindavana of that great pontiff.

Sri Bhutarajaru Bilagi

Vadiraja Matha, Bilagi, Near Siddapura, Sirsi Tq. U.K.

On the bank of Soma (Aghanashini) river, the holy Sannidhana existed up prior to Sri Vadiraja. Till the latter part of last century, construction of Matha was totally in deteriorated state where-as idols of Vedavyasa, Hanuma and Garuda and also Vrindavana of Vedangatirtha were being seen. The Padmapeetha of Bhutarajaru was also present. Vishwo-ttamatirtha Swamiji renovated it in an agreeable manner. It is the peculiar holy centre where Sri Vadiraja like Sri Madhva, used to install one copy of all his works underground.

Vadiraja Matha, Gokarna

On the bank of Kotitirtha at Gokarna, branch Matha was built up at the time of Sri Vadiraja. Since it was not in a good condition, Vishwottama-tirthaswamiji renovated it with reasonable comfort. Lodging and boarding facilities are available. It has become a convenient place for post funeral rites and other rituals.

Vadiraja Matha, T. Nagar, Chennai

This Matha has become a center for daily rituals and rites.

Vadiraja Matha, N.R.Colony, Bangalore

It is also known as Hayagriva Mandira. Daily rituals, rites and festivals and Aradhanas on special occasions are being organized accordingly.

Hanuman Temple

Hanuman temple – Nadavaram- Trichur- Kerala

Though the area of the temple is small, the powerful and vigilant presence of god Hanuman has made it more popular holy center to devotees. The Hanuman idol was installed by Sri Vrinda-vanacharya. Daily worship and other rituals are performed on grand scale with full opulence and prosperity.

Other than these, there might be some other branches. But, they are not under the possession of Sode Vadiraja Matha and hence unnoticed.