Promoting the heritage and culture.

Vadiraja Matha has been alert in promoting and nourishing the essentials of convention in the form of customary observance. The special practice of worship, celebration of annual festivals, Aradhanas etc, are performed without any short coming. The modern touch or traction has not polluted the sanctity of basic observance. The regularized observance has assumed the garb of culture.

Promoting rich tradition and observance of rites and rituals.

All the pontiffs of this Matha have paid more attention to promote the exalted tradition. The chanting and recitation of Mantras, singing of songs with circle dance, Mangalarati, performance of sacrifices, performance of daily rituals on time etc., are being done with due regard and reverence. The prescription of tradition is duly honoured by pontiffs and their faithful followers. The devotees are apprised of the essentials of tradition and observance without fail on time.

Service to Shastric learning.

Since long, Vadiraja Matha has been giving more importance for Shastric learning. All the pontiffs, soon after getting ordained into Samnyasashrama, started the course of Shastric learning. Being well versed in different lores they used to teach several Shastras in general and Vedanta in particular. They had learning pupils (Shishyas) in Matha only. In this regard, grateful thanks to Sri Vishwottamatirtha-swamiji, who started 'Bhavisameera Gurukula' meant for Shastric learning at Sode. To promote the study of Sanskrit language, support is extended by holding spoken Sanskrit camps several times.

Service to modern education

Realizing the importance of modern education, Vadiraja Matha has been rendering yeoman service to the cause positively. In the last century, higher primary and secondary institutions were established at rural place Innanje. Then, it was elevated to post matriculation. Thousands of students are given better education with advanced methods of teaching. Students are also given free meals daily. Recently, separate

English medium section has been started to facilitate and fulfil the demand of the rural student community. Two years back, the present pontiff Vishwavallabhatirtha Swamiji moved a step ahead and started the Engineering College with better infrastructure and all kinds of well equipped learning resources.


Pontiffs of this Matha have been well aware of the need for betterment of society. Matha is offering required facilities to the devotees at Udupi, Sode, Undaru, Gokarna, Huvinakere, Kumbhasi, Bangalore and other places. Matha is also extending financial help to the poor people suffering from diseases. Free meals are served to devotees regularly. Vishwottamatirthaswamiji happily gifted the land at Udupi and Manipal for promoting the art and education.

Role for communal harmony

History says that Vadiraja dislodged the mis- understanding between Kota and Koteshwara Brahmins. Koteshwara - magane people were given Vaishnava diksha and they, then, continued to be faithful and ardent Shishyas of this Matha. In the same way, Daivajna community people have also been blessed and considered to be Shishyas of the Matha. Vadiraja accepted the excommunicated group of brahmins of Mattu village and blessed them. When great saint Kanakadasa paid visit to Udupi, it was Vadiraja, who without any hesitation treated him well and honoured. Vadiraja did favour to king Arasappanayaka of Shaiva faith and his fellow beings. Vadiraja, touring this holy land several times, tried his best to bring the unity among Hindus. In Gujarat and other places, Vadiraja was kind enough to bless thousands of devotees by granting them the Vishnudiksha. Being Hindu saint, he did not waver to protect Moghal prince. Installing Shivalinga at Dharmasthala, Vadiraja sowed the seed of harmony between Shaivas and Vaishnavas . Although following Dvaita cult, none of the pontiffs of this Matha , tortured and harmed honest followers of other faith. The Matha has not been showing any regional discrimination among devotees. It is because of this reason, more number of devotees rush to Sode and other Mathas for dedicated Seva.

Contribution to Indian philosophy and literature

The Matha is dedicated to contribute to the cause of Indian philosophy and literature. All the pontiffs engaged in learning and teaching and thus upheld and nourished the unbroken tradition of propagating the right 'Tatva'. Many of them have contributed by authoring erudite works. Vishnutirtha, Vedatmatirtha, Vedangatirtha, Vadiraja, Vedavedyatirtha, Vibudhavaryatirtha, and Vishwendratirtha have done good deal in this regard. Vadiraja's contribution stands unequated, peerless, unique and outstanding. More than 124 independent works stand to the praise worthy credit of his authorship. His works relate to almost all branches of knowledge like philosophy, literature, music, medicine, astrology, astronomy, mythology, epistemology, Itihasa, Vedic literature, etymology and others. Even other pontiffs of this Matha have done justice to the fields of philosophy and literature.

Contribution to Kannada and other regional languages

Haridasa literature is the leading stream of Kannada literature. Next to Sripadaraja and Vyasaraja, Vadiraja, with the penname 'Hayavadana' composed many works in Kannada. His works include independent treatises, Padas, Ugabhogas, Suladis etc., The number of independent works exceeds 25. The compositions vary from Dvipadi to Dashapadi. Other than these, we find hundreds of songs related to different deities, Gurus, holy centres, occasions etc., Thus, in both respects i.e. quantum and quality of excellence, Vadiraja's works entertain dignified and stately reward by scholars. The poetic merits Madhurya, Ojus and Prasada could be realized and experienced while pursuing the text. Recently, some available songs appear to have been composed by Vedavedyatirtha and Vadivandhyatirtha. Sri Vishwendratirtha of last century also composed many songs with the penname 'Rajesh Rajanatha'. All are in praise of deities, Gurus, holy places etc. Simplicity with musical gait and sweetness are the essential characteristics of these compositions. In case of other regional languages, some works are found composed by Vadiraja. But, those are in amalgamated form. We can enjoy and experience rich and appealing style and proficiency in language in each work. Tulu Paddana of Vadiraja have already become more popular. Thus, Vadiraja Matha's contribution to regional languages is note worthy, praise worthy and outstanding.

Promoting research and publication

Vadiraja Matha has been engaged in bringing out some unpublished works. In the middle of the last century, then Swamiji Sri Vishwottamatirtharu got published some works of Vadiraja and other ancient scholars. Recently, a separate research and publication wing namely 'Srimad-vrindavanacharya Samshodhana hagu Prakashana Kendra' has been established. Many small and voluminous works are being brought out. Matha has also come forward to render financial assistance to others for publication. Present Swamiji Sri Vishwavallabhatirtha has the praise worthy credit of having published the magnum-opus work Yuktimallika of Vadiraja with commentary and translation in 10 volumes. Sri Bhagavatha, in two volumes with Kannada translation, Prakashasamhita and Mahabharatha Tatparya Nirnaya with Vadiraja's commentary Bhavaprakashika and Kannada translation have been published by Sri Sode Vadiraja Matha. Scanning and photocopying of manuscripts are done with trained staff regularly. Thus, Vadiraja Matha is meticulously engaged in promoting research and publication. Matha is publishing the tri-monthly magazine 'Tatvamallika' with useful articles. Revered Swamiji has sublime and noble aim of making the magazine a research publication as soon as possible. Gurukula students are encouraged for deep and vast learning of different Shastras with research orientation.

Supporting traditional scholars and scholarships

Vadiraja Matha has been rendering considerable support to scholars and their scholarship. Matha has been organizing daily discourses and speeches by eminent scholars. It is inviting more number of scholars on special occasions like festivals, Aradhanas and on other days. Sometimes, weeklong symposia are also arranged. To regard the distinct scholarship, scholars are felicitated with honours and honorarium. Some scholars are entrusted with writing articles for 'Tatvamallika' magazine and editing the volumes. Present Swamiji Vishwavallabhatirtharu in his Paryaya period, has organized the national level seminar to highlight the unique contribution of Vadiraja to Indian philosophy, language and literature. He has introduced serviceable academic institution and scheme i.e., 'SrimadVrindavanacharya Samshodhana hagu Prakashana Kendra' and 'Vishwottamatirtha Masika Vidwat Sambhavane' to support scholars and boost their academic activities. During Paryaya period, daily and weekly discourses and lectures were organized. At the three days Aradhana of Vrindavanacharya, scholars were invited to deliver special lectures on Vrindavanakhyana.

Encouraging the classical art and culture

Since long, Vadiraja Matha has been extending its moral and practical support to Indian classical art culture. Musician, singers, dancers and other artists of repute are invited on special occasions and accorded rare opportunity to exhibit their genius and talent. They are honored with recognition and regard. This takes place every year on several occasions. During the Paryaya of Sode Vadiraja Matha at Udupi, one or other famous artist was invited daily and given chance deliberately. Swamiji arranged year long Kirtana program in Paryaya period. The Yakshagana (a rich classical art of coastal region) training camp was arranged for youths with all facilities. A weeklong cultural program was arranged by Sode Math where various teams, from different parts of the country flocked to Udupi and exhibited their talent.

Vadiraja Matha and Krishna Matha Udupi

Vadiraja has not only introduced the periodical change in Paryaya system but also gave a distinct and glorious mode of observation in daily worship and annual festivals. The system introduced by him happens to be a historic one as the same has been put into practice till today without any change. So, it appears to be unquestionable. Vadiraja has also installed the statue of Mukhyaprana and Garuda brought from Ayodhya in Krishna Matha. Madhva's statue, in standing pose is found installed by Vadiraja at the entrance of inner shrine of Krishna Matha. The presence of God Subramanya and also Bhutarajaru is made available for Darshan and worship in Krishna Matha. During the Paryaya periods of pontiffs of Sode Vadirajamatha, munificent gifts in the form of cash and kind (gold, land etc.) were liberally gifted to Krishnamatha by the descendants of different royal families like Vijayanagara, Keldadi, Cochin, Mysore etc. Preliminary renovation work in Krishnamatha was also taken up by Vadiraja and other seers of this Matha and completed. The present Swamiji Sri Vishwavallabhatirtha, got rebuilt the Brahmaratha and consecrated to Krishnamatha.

Kamadhenu Gosamrakshana Kendra, Huvinakere

Gosamrakshana (protection of cows) is the moral mandate and social obligation that every one, born in this holy land, has to fulfil. Although there is constitutional clause to this noble cause, there is no hopeful and faithful trial practice. The number of slaughter houses is increasing. Realising this anti cow tendency, Sri Vishwottamatirtha seer established a centre in Huvinakere- birth place of Sri Vadiraja and named 'Kamadhenu Gosamrakshana Kendra'. It is in the heart of nature environment. The intention of revered Swamiji was not profit aimed. The prime aim was to protect the aged cows bereft of proper food and shelter etc. Swamiji voluntarily came forward and provided all required facilities like water, shelter and food. Even this day, hundreds of aged cows are well protected. The present Swamiji, Sri Vishwavallabha-tirtha, is also playing responsible role of fulfilling the socio-religious obligation by providing more facilities of improved touch. 'Cow protection is the ideal worship of the Lord'. With this motto, the Sode Matha is rendering yeoman service to the cause of cow protection and also contributing to ecological maintenance.