Seve List

Sl No Seva Name Seva Price Action
1 Godana (without Dakshina) 3000
2 Nanda Deepa (One Year) 1200
3 Nanda Deepa (One Month) 100
4 Shri Bhootarajara Vishesha Night Pooja 101
5 Tulabhara (Without Materials & without Dakshina) 100
6 Kunkumarchane (Rama Devi) 10
7 One day Sampurna Seva including Annasantarpana 5001
8 Maha Sarvaseva (Sarvaseva to God Ramatrivikrama
Pooja to bhootaraja including Kumkumarchane &
9 Sarvaseva 500
10 Maha Pooja 300
11 Night Pooja ( including Deeparadhana) 100
12 Alankara pooja 50
13 Hastodaka 50
14 Vayustuti Pathana Poorva Abhisheka 50
15 Panchamruta 50
16 Pooja to Bhootaraja (After noon) 50
17 Santarpana to Hayagriva 50
18 Morning Pooja 25
19 Tulasi Archana (To God Trivikrama) 25
20 Seva Sankalpa 25
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Special Note

  • Devotee's may receive daily seva prasad from the "Swamiji" or Archaka's after the lunch at the ShreeMatha
  • Those who want to perform seva's in there absence may send seva Kanike through D.D / Cheque / M.O. / Online To the above mentioned address. Prasad will be delivered to them through Post
  • Kindly enquire at the office of the ShreeMath for Upanayana and other Havanas.
  • The articles required for Upanayana and other Havanas will be provided by the Shreemath only.
  • For any Havanas there will be Purohit Dakshina,Danada Dakshina, Assistant Dakshina and coins which will be charged separately.
  • The Doer (Karta) may bring flowers and fruits if required / they wish.
  • The Barbar's Charges will be seperate for Chavalapanayana .
  • There will be seperate Dakshina and charges of articles for vayanadana.
  • Cost of Fruits and Dakshina will be charged seperately for Phaladana.
  • All Sevas at the Shreemath should be registered one month in advance at the Shreemath's Office.
  • All Devotees are requested to be bound by Shreemath's Rules.
  • In the absence of Shreemath's purohit other Purohits may be entrusted the work with the consent of Shreemath's Purohit.
  • Any changes in dates/cancellation/post-ponements of Sevas should be informed to the Shreemath's office immediately.
  • No other Seva's/Havana's not mentioned above will not be performed at the Shree Math.

Sodematha A/c Details

Sode Shrivadiraja Mutt

Account No - 011600501080010

IFSC Code - CORP0000116

Bank - Corporation Bank

Branch : Sirsi

For Seva Enquiry

+91 9483357005