Sri Vishweshatirtha

Sri Vishweshatirtha was the thirty first pontiff as successor in the lineage of Sri Vishnutirtha. When he was ordained into Samnyasashrama, his guru came to know that his disciple was not so intelligent and wise as expected. Because, Vishweshatirtha was not reacting and responding skilfully after teaching. Guru was unhappy and became indifferent towards his Shishya Vishweshatirtha. Shishya felt very bad and made-up his mind to find an agreeable solution. He left Matha and roamed about for some days. He came to a secluded and remote place. He began severe penance to propitiate the Lord and deities. Goddess Saraswati, presiding deity of knowledge was very much pleased with penance and physically appeared before Vishweshatirtha. She wrote Bijakshara (an energised syllable) on his tongue and by doing so she granted vast and skilled knowledge. By the gracious favour of Goddess Saraswati, Vishweshatirtha became a great knowledged person. He went to north India and visited many leading learning centres. He participated in scholarly debates and discourses. In debates, he defeated many scholars and adorned Kashi Vidyapeetha. Everywhere, Swamiji was honoured with Jayapatra. On his way to Udupi, he came to Sode and engaged in the devoted Seva at the feet of Sri Vadirajaru. By the warm favour of Vadiraja, Vishweshatirtha used to shine with brilliance of intellectual excellence. He became famous and popular like the musk present in the navel of deer. Seeing blessed Shishya dazzling with academic excellence, Guru Sri Vishwadhishwaratirtha was very much delighted and happy. Swamiji went on south India tour. The king of Cochin (Ramavarma) was influenced by the unique mystic power of Swamiji. He got initiated into Madhva diksha. He became an ardent devotee of Swamiji. Swamiji stayed there for some months and taught Madhvashastra to him. By the order of Guru, Vishweshatirtha nominated the successor to the succession and named him Vishwapriyatirtha. It is learnt from the history that at the time of Vishweshatirtha, munificent gifts were consecrated to Krishnamatha Udupi and Sode Vadiraja Matha from Keladi king and others. Tradition opines that Vishweshatirtha entered the holy Vrindavana even when his Guru was alive. This seems to be agreeable to the information seen in the Vrindavanakhyana. But in this respect, authentic and historical documented records are not available. Swamiji's Vrindavana is situated at Kenchagaru village near Honnavara. He is popularly known as Kenchagaru Swamiji. The year of Vrindavanapravesha was 1794. Annual Aradhana falls on Magha month Krishna Trayodashi. In Vrindavanakhyana, he is known as 'Vipraguru'. Since his proper name was Vitthala by birth, he was addressed as Vitthala in Vrindavanakhyana. The sub-divided portion, related to him, is titled as Vitthalaprakarana. He is repeatedly asked to be away from unrighteous circle and also instructed to handover the responsibility of Pacchotika (the holy case of deities) to his successor Vishwapriyatirtha.

By the blessing order and permission of Guru Vishwadishwaratirtha, Sri Vishweshatirtha performed his Paryaya during 1788-89. This is like Vedavedyatirtha who performed his I Paryaya even when Guru Vadiraja was alive.