Sri Vishwanidhitirtha

Sri Vishwanidhitirtha was the direct disciple of SriVibudhavaryatirtha. Swamiji was the twenty-ninth pontiff in the lineage. He travelled extensively in southern India and propagated the Dvaita Siddhanta. In his middle age, he nominated his successor (his younger brother) and named him Sri Vishwadhishwaratirtha. Sri Vishwanidhitirtha enjoyed good command on Bhagavata and Nyayasudha. Without the help of text (book) he could recite and teach his disciple and others. He had deep concern over his disciple's studies. He wanted his successor be a master scholar. Therefore, even while travelling, he used to have the company of his Shishya and teach him regularly. Swamiji delivered year long discourse on Bhagavata during his Paryaya period. Debating on the concept Bhakti, he defeated a Shrivaishnava scholar namely Sridhara sharma in debate. Because of the unique Mahima of Guru Vishwanidhitirtha, Matha entertained the receipt of many gifts from royal families and others. He did Paryaya during 1740-41. Swamiji entered the holy Vrindavana in the year 1753 A.D. His Vrindavana is situated in Undaru (Innanje) village in Udupi Tq. and Dist. His pontificial period of Vedanta empire was 14 years.