Sri Vishwadhishwaratirtha

Sri Vishwadhishwaratirtha was thirtieth pontiff in the lineage of Sri Vishnutirtha. He was Paramaguru of Sri Vrindavanacharya. He was well known as 'Senior Swamiji' during that period. It is not an exaggeration to state that everyone was attracted by his unique personality and distinct scholarship. His life was of great prosperity and glory. But, that glory was not for personal comfort. It was in the form of daily worship, Paryaya worship, teaching and discourse of Shastric works. He performed two biennial Paryayas on grand glorious scale. (1756-57, 1772-73). He, like his Guru, got Bhagavat, Nyayasudha and Yuktimallika by heart. Referring to the Bhagavata statements by Swamiji was regular, casual and more agreeable to the occasion. He gave due importance and attention for singing custom by Bhagavataru. He performed Nyayasudha and Yukti-mallika Mangala simul-taneously for ten times. He is adorned as 'Vipraparama-guru' in Vrindavanakhyana. Vadiraja has asked him in Vrindavanakhyana to show-er choicest blessings on Vrindavanacharya. Referen-ce, related to him is also found in the biographical works of Vrindavanacharya.

The tradition records an incident as follows. Once Diwan Poornayya got prepared a golden Mantapa. He wanted to gift it to someone or some place for daily worship. At the same time, Sri Vishwadhishwaratirtha Swamiji, on his tour reached Mysore and stayed at the residence of Diwan Poornayya. Swamiji, through his intuitive knowledge, was well knowing about golden Mantapa. After enquiry of well being etc., Swamiji asked Poornayya to gift the golden Mantapa so that it could be used at Krishnamatha Udupi for adorned worship. Poornayya did not respond suddenly and positively for he had the desire to gift it to somebody else. He went inside and held discussion with his wife. Both of them realised the fact that all forms of supreme Lord are non-different and identical in nature. They decided to offer that golden Mantapa to Vishwadhishwaratirtha. With regard and reverence, honouring Swamiji, they consecrated that golden Mantapa to Krishna formed Lord. Swamiji received it and handed over to Krishnamatha. For many years, that golden Mantapa was used at Krishnamatha. After some years, when it became loose and crumbling, it was remoulded and restructured as required.

SriVishwadhishwaratirtha entombed in the year 1803 A.D. at Undaru. His Vrindavana is situated by the side his Guru's (Vishwanidhitirtha) Vrindavana. His pontificial period of Vedanta empire was 50 years. The Punyaradhana falls on Pushya month Shukla Trayodashi. It is learnt that Vishwadhishwaratirtha nominated his successor to the lineage after his first biennial Paryaya (1756-57).