Sri Vishwadhishatirtha

Sri Vishwadhishatirtha was a direct disciple of Vrindavan-acharya. Graced with tall and stout personality, Swamiji was generally known and addressed as 'Hiriya Swamigalu' (senior Swamiji). He had the good deal of impression of past life. By virtue of that he was blessed with abundant knowledge. He studied under great and matchless scholar Sri Vidyadhishatirtha of Krishnapur matha. In addition to this, to please and propitiate his Guru Vrindavanacharya he did regular recitation of Samgraha Ramayana of Narayana pundit for a period of one Mandala at the holy presence of Mukhyaprana in Udupi. By the gracious favour of Mukhyaprana, Swamiji gained enormous knowledge and became undaunted scholar-debater par excellence. He enjoyed good deal of mastery over more number of leading Shastric works. He used to teach the Swamijis of other Mathas. Sri Vibudhapriya-tirtha of Adamaru matha, SriVidyasamudratirtha of Kaniyuru matha, Sri Vidya-purnatirtha of Krishnapur matha and others were his pupil students. All of them became great scholars. Sri Vishwadhishatirtha was end-owed with unique debating skill. Although young, he had the vast knowledge of different lores. His explicit personality used to hint at intellectual breadth and depth of academic superiority. In his presence, opponents could not continue the debating. They used to say 'good by' at an earliest. He was a terror to opponents and prime source of inspiration and guidance to scholarly world. When a sect of Madhvas convened a meeting at Madras in the year 1884 and opposed the Rujutva of Vadiraja, then Vishwa-dhishatirtha suddenly reacted and responded to that by organising mass meeting at Udupi. He collected then available evidences in support of Rujutva of Vadiraja and published an authentic work nam-ely 'Rujutvachandro-daya'. It gave impulse to contribute other volumes substantiating the Ruju-tva of Vadiraja. Swamiji performed two biennial Paryayas (1868-69, 1884-85). He renovated some portion of inner shrine of Sri Krishnamatha. There was due regard and recognition to the unique scholarship of Swamiji every-where especially by queen Victoria. A letter of recognition and praise is still seen at Sode Vadiraja Matha, Udupi as an authentic document. It is learnt that on the day of Vrindavanapravesha of Swamiji, holiday was declared. Swamiji entombed at Udupi in the year 1889 A.D. His Vrindavana is found in the middle back of the Vrindavana of Vrindavanacharya. Annual Aradhana falls on Ashadha month Krishna Amavasya. His period of pontificial incharge of Vedanta empire was 34 years.