Sri Vishwadhirajatirtha

Sri Vishwadhirajatirtha preferred to stay at Sode and offered devoted service at the feet of Vadiraja. Engaging regu-larly in moral duty of Patha-Pravachana and religious rights, he did Siddhan-taseva with right spirit. Like his Guru, Vishwadhiraja-tirtha did his biennial Paryaya at Udupi in the year 1676-1677. During that Paryaya period, he taught 'Sarva-mula' and others works to his pupils. He organised a scholarly meeting of learned and defeated the opponents in debate. He entombed at Sode in the year 1688. His holy Vrindavana is by the side of Mruttikavrindavana of Sri Vrindavanacharya. Sri Vishwadhirajatirtha enjoyed the period of incharge of pontificial empire for 15 years.