Sri Vidyanidhitirtha

Sri Vidyanidhitirtha took Samnyasashrama from Vedavedyatirtha in the year 1585 A.D. He studied under Vadiraja. Vidyanidhi was a right hand to Vedavedya and rendered assistance in his first Paryaya (1596-97). He was a good orator. Once, at the time of studying, Vidyanidhitirtha asked one irrelevant question to Vadiraja. Vadiraja was not happy with that question and hence stopped the teaching (Patha). He told Vidyanidhi about the short span of his life and suggested him to go on holy pilgrimage. Accordingly, Vidyanidhi went on short pilgrimage and returned to Kumbhasimatha. There only, he entombed in the year 1598. The period of Samnmyasa-sharama of Sri Vidyanidhi was 13 years. Hence, we do not find any reference of Vidyanidhi at the time of Vadiraja's Vrindavanapra-vesha. In this lineage, it was only the Vidyanidhitirtha who had not performed the Paryaya at Udupi. Before his Vrindavanapravesha, he, at the instruction of Vadiraja, nominated his successor in the year 1593 and named him as Sri Vedanidhitirtha. The holy Vrindavana of Vidyanidhitirtha is situated by the side of the Vrindavana of Sri Varadarajatirtha-I at Kumbhasimatha Kumbhasi. In this lineage, there were four pontiffs during 1593-1598.