Sri Vibudhavaryatirtha

Sri Vibudhavaryatirtha was disciple of Sri Vishwavandyatirtha. He was a great scholar and saint of high rank. He engaged always in teaching the Shastric works like Nyayasudha, Yuktimallika etc. He has composed a great Mahakavya namely Subhadraharana. He has written Shloka formed commentary on Vishnusahasranama and also a gloss on that. This commentary is rare of its kind. He gained a very good deal of mastery over different lores, including Vedanta by the gracious blessings of Madhva and Vadiraja. He used to teach major works to some pontiffs and other scholars of that time. Might be in travel or not, he used to make Parayana of 'Sarvamula' and other works regularly. He undertook the renovation of Vadiraja Matha at Sode for the first time and completed that. The tradition records an unique incident that happened in the life of Sri Vibudhavaryatirtha. And that confirms the seer's super power of favouring and castigating.

There was a brahmin by name Ramakrishna in Udyavara, four kms away from Udupi. Being jealous with Vibudha-varyaswamiji, he misinform-ed to the king of Ikkeri about the character of Swamiji. Listening to that, the king made up his mind to attack and punish Swamiji. He planned and deployed some royal servants on border point. Once Swamiji, on the way to Sode, was supposed to cross that border point. He was stopped and detained by that force. The king robbed golden ornaments, silver articles and honorific materials and deported Swamiji and his followers off the border line. Swamiji felt very bad and with followers airdashed to Sode. There he resorted to the vow of fast and began the devoted service at the feet of Vadiraja. After some days, pleased with the devoted service of Vibudhavaryatirtha, Vadiraja appeared in the dream and consoled him. As a remedy to all this, Vadiraja asked to compose a great poem 'Subhadraharana'. Accordingly, Vibudhavaryatirtha started the composing of great poem. When it was about to complete Vadiraja again appeared in the dream and instructed Swamiji not to compose the last auspicious Shloka. Vibudhavaryatirtha stayed at Sode for some more time and used to worship the icons of Parampara on banana leaf with flowers and Tulasi. This continued for some period. And again Vadiraja appeared in the dream and asked Swamiji to compose the last Shloka and complete the work. Following day, when Vibudhavaryatirtha was composing the last auspicious Shloka, a rich man, at the dream-hint of Vadiraja, came there and in the presence of Swamiji, consecrated sixteen thousand silver coins at the holy spot of Vrindavana. Vibudhavaryatirtha got all the ornaments done with that amount. Meanwhile, as a result of sinful act of Gurudroha, King Nagara Ikkeri lost his wife and children. And he was repenting for that sinful act. He was also waiting for the arrival of Swamiji. After some days, Swamiji set out for Udupi. When Swamiji reached the boundary line of his kingdom, king fell at the feet of Swamiji and earnestly appealed to redeem him from the evil effects of that sinful act. He clarified that he was misinformed and prompted to commit the blunder.

He said that he had then realised the truth. He begged repeatedly to bless him by doing the worship at his palace and receiving the honour. Swamiji rejected his request outright and said �You are rogue and fate rejected. You have shown disrespect and done injustice. You have pained me by your arrogant behaviour. Hence, I don't come to your abode� Saying thus Swamiji marched ahead. Then with repentance, king fell at the feet of Swamiji and wept a lot. Swamiji was kind enough and accepted his request. He went to king's abode, performed the worship and received the hospitality. The king detailed that he was misinformed and misguided by Ramakrishnayya of Udyavara and hence all that offence occurred. He also told that he had lost his wife, children and other things. He realised that it was because of Gurudroha he was suffering severely. He was totally afraid of evil results in this life and the life hereafter. He begged Swamiji to forgive. He immediately brought back the box containing golden ornaments and other silver articles. When the box was opened, there was surprise to see that except face-amulet and sapphire (blue) gem of the weapon of Hayagriva icon, everything was turned into ash. The king offered ornaments and also all golden coins he had. Swamiji, being compassionate warded the king's defect off. The king wanted to punish Ramakrishnayya but, Swamiji stopped him to do so. Swamiji told that punishing a Brahmin would indeed cause Brahmadroha and hence that was not acceptable. He also said that Ramakrishnayya, owing to his mischief deed, would suffer a lot. As Swamiji foretold, Ramakrishnayya, with poverty and more number of torturing children, was totally unhappy and distressed and ended his life with severe suffering.

Sri Vibudhavaryatirtha taught Srimanyayasudha for eleven times and did the Mangala on grand scale at Udupi and Sode. Swamiji, at his old age, tended to write commentary on Nyayasudha namely �Vimalabodhini�. He started writing but in his dream, he was instructed by Vadiraja to stop that. Vadiraja also convinced him that he had already fulfilled the objectives or goals of life, there was no need to write any commentary as such. Vadiraja advised him to resort to medtiation. Vibudhavaryatirtha gave up the writing and left for Udupi. He also resorted to the meditation for remaining period and entered the holy Vrindavana in the year 1739 A.D. He performed Krishnaparyaya during 1724-25. Swamiji's Aradhana falls on Margashira month-Bahula Shashti. His Vrindavana is situated at the back of Vrindavanacharya's Vrindavana in Udupi. The period of his pontificial incharge of Vedanta empire was 17 years.