Sri Vedavedyatirtha - (1530-1616)

Sri Vedavedyatirtha was the direct disciple of Sri Vadiraja. Vadiraja gave Samnyasashrama to a qualified candidate and named him as Sri Vedavedyatirtha (1540). Vedavedyatirtha studied under his Guru and became a great scholar. He pleased his Guru Vadiraja by faithfully doing Japa, Tapa, studying lores, worship etc. Sri Vedavedyatirtha per-formed two biennial Par-yayas. The period of his first biennial Paryaya was 1596-97 (Udupi). And it was the period of fifth Paryaya of Vadiraja (Sode). Vedavedya used to say that he had the experience of holy and em-bodied presence of Vadiraja and hence it was Vadiraja's fifth Paryaya.

Vedavedya gave Ashrama to a deserving candidate in the year 1585 A.D. He named him Sri Vidyanidhitirtha. The disciple was rendering service of assistance to his Guru Vedavedya during Guru's first Paryaya. After the Vrindavanapravesha of Vadiraja, once, Vedavedya wished to have the Darshana and conversation with his master Vadiraja. For this he made an earnest appeal at Vrindavanasannidhi. Accordingly, Vadiraja gave him a hint of date and time through dream. On that stipulated day and time the front covered stone was slided by Sri Bhutaraja. Vedavedya with others, saw beautiful and delectable form of Vadiraja for one Muhurtha and felt very much delighted. During the period of Vedavedya's second biennial Paryaya, Venkatappanaik, a subordinate king of Ikkeri, gifted the Huvinakere village (1613) (the stone inscriptions seen in Krishnamatha Udupi). During that period, Vedavedya got renovated the Krishna temple with stone structure. He also got placed the copper roof with fixing Kalasha on that. At that time, the idol of Krishna was reinstalled as per prescriptions. Sri Vedavedyatirtha, realising the Svarupamahima of Rujutva of Vadiraja (the fact being Latavya Ruju god), introduced the system of Samapuja (worshipping Vadiraja with god Vayu and his incarnations namely Hanuma-Bhima and Madhva) from the day of Vrindavanapravesha of Vadiraja. He also brought inforce the proclamation of Paraku (Singing Vadiraja's titles in praise) at the end of evening worship daily. Since then, these customary observations have been put into practice with orderliness. Vedavedya is Rushi (Seer of presiding deity of Mantra) to Vadiraja Mantra. In Vrindavanakhyana, it is stated that Vedavedyatirtha is brimming with the power Siddhi of Vadiraja mantra

Vedavedya entered the holy Vrindavana in the year 1616 A.D. His holy tomb is situated at Sonda besides Vadiraja's Vrindavana. The Aradhana falls on Kartika month Krishnapaksha Trayodashi. Sri Vedavedya-tirtha has authored a commentary on Tantrasara, but that work is still unfound. From the available evidence seen in Vrindavanakhayana, Vadirajaguruvaracharitamrita and tradition, Vedavedya is known as one of the Ruju gods namely Gavya. The period of Samnyasashrama of Sri Vedavedya was 76 years and his period of incharge of Pontificial Empire was 15 years.