Sri Vedatmatirtha

During 14th century, Vedatmatirtha, the successor in the hierarchy of Sri Vishnutirtha was more popular. The tradition records that he was well versed in Veda and Vedangas. He was also a great poet. He might have contributed some works. But, other than 'Kavikarnamrutam' no other work in his name is available. The 'Kavikarnamrutam, is the commentary on 'Vayustuti' of Trivikrama Panditacharya. This commentary work brims with poetic talent and grammatical skill of Vedatmatirtha. It is learnt that Vedatmatirtha might have also written commentary on 'Nakhastuti' of Madhva. The work 'Kavikarnamrutam' was published. Sri Vedatmatirtha entombed in the year 1398 A.D. His period of incharge of pontificial seat was 12 years.