Sri Vedangatirtha

In the lineage of Vishnutirtha, Vedangatirtha happened to be a great author prior to Vadirajatirtha. He took Samnyasashrama from Vish-wavandyatirtha and studied Veda-Vedanga-Vedanta and other lores under his Guru and gained enormous knowledge in them. With this treasure he made his Ashrama name fruitful and rewarding. He fairly conti-nued the unbroken conve-ntion of observance with dedication. Vedangatirtha authored some works that include commentaries, glosses and independent works. He devotedly engaged in learning � teaching of lores even when he was on pilgrimage. During his tenure, Matha excelled with towering fame and name. Sri Vedangatirtha entered the holy Vri-ndavana in the year 1441 A.D in Bilagi near Siddapur in Sirsi Taluk. The Vrindavana is situated on the bank of Soma river(Aghanashini). Later on adjoining to that Vrindavana, Sri Vadirajatirtha kept underground a set of all his works. On that, he installed the statues of Lord Vedavyasa, Hanuman and Garuda. In the last century, Sri Vishwottamatirtha carried out historical renovation of that spot. The sacred and secluded spot of Sannidhi does appear with pleasant scene of nature and confer the peace of mind. It pushes the qualified mass a step ahead to gain the rich experience of inner worth bliss. At present, one can see those memorials well and carefully protected.