Sri Varadarajatirtha - I

Sri Varadarajatirtha was eighteenth pontiff in the lineage of Sri Vishnutirtha. He went on sacred piligri-mage and visited the holy centres of this vast land many times. He renovated Kumbhasimatha at Kumbh-asi for the first time. He had the academic mastery over Bhagavadgita. And hence, he held scholarly debates and discourses in many places. Once, with mystic power, Sri Varadarajatirtha blessed good oration to dumb speechless celibate. He also saved a Brahmin by name Narahari of Kumbhasi from dreadful disease cancer. He entombed in the year 1481 at Kumbhasi, Udupi Dist. The holy Vrindavana of Varadarajatirtha is situated by the side of Harihareshwara temple, Kumbhasi. He enjoyed the period of Pontificial incharge for 8 years.