Sri Vagishatirtha

Sri Vagishatirtha is the nineteenth pontiff in the succession of Vishnutirtha. He is well known as Ashramaguru of Sri Vadi-rajatirtha. His greatness and pre-eminence is noteworthy. Vagishatirtha was a saint-scholar having the experi-ence of vision of Lord through intuitive knowledge. He was at Kumbhasimatha engaging himself in Japa, Tapa, study of lores, teaching, worship etc. It was Vagishatirtha through whom Lord Varaha blessed Ramacharya couple for the worthy incarnation of Latavya Ruju god as Vadirajatirtha. Knowing the details through his mystic vision, Vagishatirtha made all pre-arrangements at the time of incarnation of Vadiraja.

Vagishatirtha gave Samnyasharama to Varaha and named him Sri Vadirajatirtha. By this act, he fulfilled the instruction of the Lord Varaha. Since he was performing rigorous austerity, he was blessed with refined knowledge of past, present and future. He used to redress the sufferings of faithful devotees through the power of blessed Mantrakshata. In his old age, Vagishatirtha lived in Udupi and got engaged in studying and teaching sacred lores. He departed himself from mortal sight on Chaitra Bahula Dvitiya in the year 1518 A.D. His incharge of pontificial empire was 37 years.

Doing the devoted service (Seva) at Vrindavanasannidhi of Sri Vagishatirtha, many have got their desires fulfilled. In the earlier part of twentieth century, Kuppannatantri couple of Padigaru were lucky enough to have worthy son by rendering devoted service at Vrindavanasannidhi. As a result, they have consecrated brass Kavacha to the Vrindavana of Vagishatirtha