Sri Vadivandyatirtha

Sri Vadivandyatirtha was well recognised as distinguished scholar. He taught Nyaya-sudha and other major Vedantic works many times. The tradition records that Vadivandyatirtha organised scholarly discourse and debate at Paryaya period in Udupi and vindicated the Siddhanta stand point on solid grounds. He defeated Shamashastry, a staunch Shaivadvaita scholar on Mithyatva concept in debate. Some works written by Sri Vadivandyatirtha are available. Mention may be made about Sri Vadirajastuti, Sri Vadirajashtaka, Jayastotra and Vadirajadhyanaprakara. He might have written few more works but that are unfound. He did his Paryaya in the year 1692-93. He entombed in the year 1706. The holy Vrindavana of Sri Vadivandyatirtha is at Sode besides the Vrindavana of Sri Vedanidhitirtha. The period of pontificial incharge was 18 years.