Sri Ratnagarbhatirtha

Sri Vishwavandyatirtha ord-ained a qualified student as his successor and named him Sri Ratnagarbhatirtha. Ratnagarbhatirtha studied Veda, Vedanga and Vedanta under his Guru and became a matchless scholar within a short period of time. He was an inestimable Yogin who received Lord's choicest blessings by worshipping and adoring Him through the means of supreme meditation. Living in naturally attractive, pleasing and secluded place Narala, near Ganjimatha in Mangalore Taluk, he did severe penance. With extra-ordinary power of Yogic discipline, Ratnagarbhatirtha used to go up in the space for more than hundred feet and perform the Tapas. It was his daily routine and easily accessible work. By the impact of his rigorous Tapas, the cruel beasts of that region gave up their born enmity mutually. When the king of Chowt family of that region was attacked by his enemies and outcast of his kingdom, he, while fleeing away, surrendered to Swamiji and sought refuge in him. Swamiji, being kind enough reached the top of the hill with king and asked him to cover his one eye with butter. Swamiji, being the worshipper of Bhuvaraha form of Lord, meditated on that form and blessed the king with Darshana of the Lord. He also earnestly prayed the Lord for King's safety. Lord Varaha assuming many forms destroyed enemy force and saved the aggrieved king and others. The seer made an appeal to Bhuvaraha Lord to save that part of the kingdom from scarcity of water. Varaha Lord moved from top to bottom of that hilly region reaching the valley of river basin. Surprisingly the water sprung up profusely and flowed down through the route of Lord's movement. The king being very much pleased and blessed, gifted the vast land of that region to Ratnagarbhatirtha. There is a small pond on the top of that region, where sufficient water is seen flowing even during summer. As a memorial to this incident, even now the reflection of the image of Varaha is seen in that pond. This spot of Narala is also well known birth place of Sri Bhutarajaru. Sri Bhutarajaru, in that region, is popularly known as �Naralattaya�.

Sri Ratnagarbhatirtha lived in Narala for many years. It is said that Ratnagarbhatirtha departed from his mortal body with the help of self Yogic power when his Guru was still alive. Therefore, it could be understood that Ratnagarbhatirtha entombed prior to 1422 A.D. The holy Vrindavana and surrounding area of this place brims with nature beauty. It happens to be more agreeable and cherishable spot of rare concentration for deep Yogic practice and Shastric studies. The reference available in ORI Mysore states that there is a commentary on Mahabharata Tatparyanirnaya written in the name of Sri Ratnagarbhatirtha. (See: Udupi Ahshtama-thagala Guruparampara� Dr. Prabhanjanachar Vyasana-kare P.118)