Sri Vishwavandyatirtha enriched the Guru-parampara by observing the prescribed deeds of Samnyasashrama. Getting involved in Shastric studies, he earned good command on Sarvamula works and works of Vadiraja. It is well known fact that Vishwavandyatirtha did Patha-Pravachana-Parayana of Yuktimallika at the gracious Vrindavana Sannidhi of Vadiraja many times. Once, a north Indian scholar, on his pilgrimage, came to Sode and seeing the matchless mastery of Vishwavandyatirtha over several Shastric works, got stunned. Vishwavandyatirtha was lucky enough to have good deal of command over Poorvamimamsa and Vya-karana. Sri Vishwottama-tirtha used to say that Sri Vishwavandyatirtharu wrote a rare work on Mimamsa by name Bhattabodhini. His Paryaya period was 1708-1709. He entered the holy Vrindavana in the year 1722 at Udupi. His Vrindavana is at the back of Vagishatirtha's Vrindavana. The pontificial in charge of Swamiji was 16 years.