Thirtha Prabandha Shila Lekha Yajna

17 Jul, 2022

Our Country,  Bharatha, happens to be the holiest place in the entire Universe. The same is duly corroborated by  Bhagavan Vedavyasa in his literary work,-"क्षणायुषां भारतभूजयो वरः", which means ,even for a short span one should take birth in this holy country Bharatha, which will in turn eradicate all worldly problems and help in attaining Moksha.The sacred soil of this  land wherein Lord has  taken incarnation of  Sri Rama and Sri Krishna  is worthier than the Chandana, for  having it on our forehead . With this perspective only, Bhavi Sameera Vadiraja Gurusaarvabhoumaru has duly described this  sanctity - "वक्ति त्रिविष्टपगतिं गतमेधसोऽपि", which carries the meaning that, each and every particle of this holy land stipulates Bhakthi and Mukthi of Lord Sri Krishna. Even Lord Sri Mukhyapraana of Sathyaloka,  has also incarnated in this holy land.Bhavi Sameera Vadiraja Gurusaarvabhoumaru has duly hermetically recorded this sanctity in his great literary work Thirtha Prabhandha, Travelogue. This sacred work of Sri Vadirajaru, has been a boon for theistic aspiring for Mukthi in their life. But for this great article,  Thirtha Prabandha,  there would have been a   huge vaccum in ascertaining  the real history of pilgrim centres. As such this Travelogue is really  a great and indescribable history book.Sri Vishwavallabha Thirtha Swamiji of Sri Sode Vadiraja Matha has taken up a great task of inscribing the corresponding slokas of Thirtha Prabandha, pertaining to such respective pilgrim centre in granite stones, as a permanent record.  Swamiji  has offered an opportunity  for the desiring devotees to take part in this noble project. Interested  devotees can make use of this Golden Opportunity and seek blessings of Sri Harivaayugurugalu.Devotees can remit their  donations to the following bank account. Bhavisamira Tatva Prasarana Pratishtana Trust Karnataka Bank A/c No : 3212500101153301 IFSC : KARB0000321 For more details please  contact:8660828062, 9481588520