Pilgrimage Shilalek Yajna

16 Jul, 2022

India is the most sacred country on the planet. That is why Bhagwan Vyasa said 'Khanayusham Bharatabhujayo Varah'. Born in India for a moment, Srihare! For those who say, the problems of life will go away. Salvation will melt. This sacred soil, which is the place for incarnations like Lord Krishna-Rama, seems better than the sandalwood that is applied on forehead. From this point of view, Bhavisameera Srivadiraja Gurusarvabhauma said "Vakthi Trivishtapagatim Gatamedhasopi" even the particle of this land is spreading the devotion and salvation of Krishna. Because of this reason, the main life of Satyaloka was also incarnated in this holy land. Srivadirajaguru Sarvabhauma recorded such a magnificent land of India to be permanent through pilgrimage. The pilgrimage work of Gurururaja has become a path to spiritual relatives who walk on the path of Mukuti. If there was no work called pilgrimage, we would not have understood the real history of the constituencies clearly. This is an amazing indescribable true history book. Sri Vishwallabha Teertha Sripadaru, Srivadiraja Muttadheesha, Srivadhiraja Mathdheesha, has made the great resolution to record the pilgrimage verses related to all these constituencies. There is a good opportunity to participate in this great determination of Guru. Good devotees can take part in this unique service and utilize the golden opportunity to be blessed by Sri Hari Vayuguru.Interested people can submit their service to the following bank account.Sri Bhavisamira Tatva Broadcasting Pratishtana TrustKarnataka Bank A/C No : 3212500101153301IFSC : KARB0000321 Contact for more information.8660828062 , 9481588520